Michigan House Civics Commission

Mission and background

Welcome to the Commission Website!

The Michigan House Civics Commission (MHCC), a bi-partisan commission on civics engagement in Michigan. You are invited to explore the exciting possibilities that this enterprise offers to teachers and students throughout the state.

The Michigan House Civics Commission was established in 2003 by members of the Michigan House of Representatives. The MHCC holds hearings throughout the state during the school year in order to hear testimony from students on their legislative ideas. The committee will also communicate directly with Michigan public and private school buildings and, more specifically, with Michigan secondary social studies teachers, in order to aid them in assisting students who participate in this endeavor.

Let us be perfectly clear: this is not a mock commission simulating the legislative experience for our young people. This is an opportunity for students to bring real ideas to a real legislative body, with the possibility that some of these ideas might become actual law.

It is the belief of the Commission members, that one of the best ways to teach students about civics involvement is simply to get them involved. This is an excellent opportunity for students to not only learn about the process, but to impact it as well. Your school can participate in this exciting venture to shape not only the future of Michigan, but the present as well!

MHCC Member Representatives

Commission components

Michigan House Civics Commission Website

The website serves as a central storehouse for information on the Commission, including resources of interest to Michigan schools. An initiative of The Civics Institute, the site was designed in consultation with the Interactive Communications and Simulations Group within the University of Michigan School of Education.

Website components include:

Capitol Speakers Bureau

The Capitol Speakers Bureau is a listing of individuals, including lawmakers and their staffs, who are involved in or knowledgeable of the Michigan legislative and governmental process. Members of the Speakers Bureau have committed to spend at least three days a year in public and private school classrooms, talking to students about their role in the legislative world.

Student Legislative Updates

On a semi-monthly basis, Michigan's elementary, middle, and high school teachers and students will be provided with legislative updates on issues pertinent and of interest to students themselves.

House Civics Commission Curriculum

Curricular units are available to help students become actively engaged in issues of statewide interest. At the elementary and high school levels, units are provided to assist students with inquiry, decision making, citizen involvement and public discourse, all as preparatory foundations for MHCC public hearings. Each unit includes teaching and learning strategies designed to help students master social studies processing strands. Lessons include strategies, activities and rubrics to engage students in the public policymaking process and are directly correlated to the Michigan Curriculum Framework.